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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Foundation School (Allynwood) Confirmed for Closure!

The Family Foundation School (Allynwood Academy) has FINALLY decided to close it's doors! This is primarily due to increasingly small enrollment driven by negative press on the internet. It's a very similar fate that happened to the Elan School back in 2011. In it's final years FFS has renamed itself Allynwood Academy to regain it's business and continue to mislead parents. However this tactic failed big time as FFS survivors caught up in the news and warned parents who were likely to enroll their child for treatment or better education. A big thanks' to the survivor group "The Family School Truth" for getting the word out and sharing their stories. They've also included the investigations by the state of New York plus the suicide that took place back in 2004. Let's make sure the staff from this place does not re-open it in another state.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Homicide Charges Involved in Group Home Death

A recent death occurred in an Ohio group home for troubled teens. This should come to no surprise as these places are unregulated with almost no oversight. The program called OhioGuidestone seemed to have an unlicensed staff restrain a child after he was provoked. According to investigators, the child got angry and punched a staff in the face which resulted in the fatal restraint.
As expected, the facility refused to comment further on the situation to cover-up their criminal operating practices. It is very likely that the kid felt threatened and was trying to protect himself from a staff who could very easily take advantage of the children in their care. http://www.cleveland.com/berea/index.ssf/2014/05/death_of_teen_physically_restr.html

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Colorado is FINALLY Cracking Down on Abusive Facility Ignored for so Long

This problem is all across the country as many of you know. Even in states with more strict regulations and oversight than other states (such as Utah or Arizona). Unfortunately, this handful of states seem to be the only ones investigating and checking the licensing of staff who work there. The state of Colorado has checked with DHS on licensing of the Adolescent and Family Institute of Colorado with it's owner Alexander Panio under scrutiny. Even more reports come out after a families bipolar daughter committed suicide shortly after being discharged.
It turns out that Panio was not a licensed therapist in the state of Colorado, despite the claim on AFIC's website and the records from DHS. Which means that his Ph.D was illegitimate since it was from an unlicensed and unaccredited school. Even in states that do require accreditation and licensing, there are no regulations regarding accrediting bodies and checking their legitimacy. Which in turn mean that some accrediting bodies can accredit anyone who wishes to be accredited and just let the places regulate themselves. There is a page on this site regarding licensing and oversight in each state.

CNN Article http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/09/us/colorado-treatment-center-lawsuits/index.html?hpt=hp_c2

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Legality of Paid "Escort Services"

There is an Online Petition to outlaw the use of escorts transporting minors to residential treatment centers!

Many know this is common in the Troubled Teen Industry, there have been testimonies of kids being taken by escort services hired by their parents to legally kidnap them to an prison-like facility. These kidnapping services are for-profit (sometimes they're from the facility the child is being taken to) and are NOT police officers. They are really huge thugs that will beat up or restrain the child in his/her bedroom in the middle of the night. According to survivors, this was often the most traumatic experience they've had. And the worst thing about these is that it's ALL LEGAL in the United States.

These escorts are NOT legally defined as kidnapping, as the US Kidnapping Statute contains a clause that's frequently overlooked. Stating that a minor has no right go resist such a process as defined by this clause, since children are generally viewed as property of the parents. Meaning the parents have the absolute right to send the kid off as they wish across states and even to foreign countries and get through airport security.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

More lawsuits on Dr. Phil and Tierra Blanca Ranch

As many of you know, Dr. Phil has been seen sending troubled teens away to Aspen Education Group facilities for sadistic entertainment. He has even supported escort services to legally kidnap teens to these programs. He is now being sued by a family who's daughter was sent to Island View after appearing on his show was abused at the program.
Aspen is notorious for child abuse in it's behavior modification techniques. These facilities are portrayed exactly as the are on their deceptive websites with the support of Aspens spokesperson Kristen Hayes. According to a LinkedIn profile, Hayes is NOT a licensed mental health profession or educator.  It's noted that even psychologist (even with MD's and Ph.D's) receive kickbacks from such places to send children who need help without concerning the child's safety, well being, or even looking into this as a good fit for his/her particular issues. This is also a common practice with the pharmaceutical companies paying doctors to prescribe certain drugs that can easily make money for them.

Tierra Blanca Boys Ranch also seems to be in even more trouble after a death occurred after more abuse allegations were filed on behalf of the victim. However there are still no criminal charges filed for criminal acts at the ranch as well. Could it be the corruption of law enforcement in these remote areas? These documents of the lawsuits leaked should get the attention of the attorney general instead.
Tierra Blanca Ranch Lawsuit