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Friday, January 2, 2015


With 2014 come and gone, we had amazing closures. Two of which are among the most deceptively dangerous facilities that dare to call themselves "schools".
Those that I mention are Alynwood Academy (formally known as Family Foundation School) and Abundant Life Academy. Two programs that were littered with abuse who falsely claimed to offer everything traditional boarding schools offered. As survivor stories contradicted their websites.

Among other closures that should have never been open are Willowgren Academy. And don't forget about the potential closures of Tiara Blanca Ranch and the Judge Rottenburg Center. They may pop up and see it's final days in 2015 along with other sinister programs.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Abuse Caught on Camera at ALA (Forced to Close)

In Recent News, Abundant Life Academy has been in the spotlight after child beatings were caught on tape. ALA has relocated to Virginia of all places after ownership was given to Paul Branning. Initially founded by Craig and Wendy Rodgers in Mexico, they relocated to Utah after they were raided by Mexican authorities. Rodgers, who has a past felony conviction marketed ALA as a "Therapeutic Christian Boarding School" in the same way a similar facility Diamond Ranch Academy does. They lied about the fine arts, athletics, and social life going on at the so-called school to trick parents into sending their children there. In Utah, ALA has had one campus in Kanab and another in St. George. All the controversy regarding child abuse at ALA, Rodgers has handed ownership to Branning who has moved the facility to Eastern Virgina in mid-2013. Now since then there have been 4 staff convictions and have since closed it's doors.

The following link below shows both archives of the beatings and the closure.

With the system set up the way it is, it's possible that they are going to open up under a new name unless Branning and Rodgers are all convicted. Research shows that Craig Rodgers dirty work is still at large. He runs a referral agency called Zion Education Systems Inc. which promotes programs for troubled youth. Their website is very dangerous as it also deceives parents to chose their abusive treatment facilities they receive bribes from instead of real legitimate education opportunities and psychological help. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pay attention to the states your looking at: Vanguard School is not what you think

Some schools could still be abusive and substandard rip-offs even without the 'therapeutic' label. For example, there is a special school in Lake Wales, Florida called the Vanguard School that does just that. According to local reports there has been incidents of students abusing other students and the staff/teachers not responding due to the school being run so cheaply. So when searching for a special boarding or day school, make sure that it's NOT therapeutic (this category has a very punitive approach) and does NOT serve too many categories or a full range of disorders like a 'one size fits all' fashion. Make sure that the schools specialization/services is specific with your child's disability. However special schools may not be the only option available depending on your child's disability, you should check what kind of special ed services that the private school provides.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

More Coverage on Tiarra Blanca Ranch Abuse

It's been a while since I've done a blog post. This was due to the lack of coverage the past few months, until now that is.
This time the owner of Tiarra Blanca Ranch is fighting back.
Why? Because the parents and the media are destroying his business. So he is suing the victims, parents, and the reporters for defamation.
New Mexico is calling this "one of the biggest child abuse cases" they've ever dealt with. The state is now pressing more criminal charges against the owner this time. Will Scott Chandler be brought to justice?  That all depends on how much corruption is in the New Mexico courts.
There's also a lawsuit that attempts to expose the illegal contract which the parent grants the facility with parental authority. Sometimes, they request to sign away custody rights too!! In this contract it states they are NEVER liable for any wrong doing to the child. Thus, abuse and murder are legal in this case according to the corrupt courts.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Foundation School (Allynwood) Confirmed for Closure!

The Family Foundation School (Allynwood Academy) has FINALLY decided to close it's doors! This is primarily due to increasingly small enrollment driven by negative press on the internet. It's a very similar fate that happened to the Elan School back in 2011. In it's final years FFS has renamed itself Allynwood Academy to regain it's business and continue to mislead parents. However this tactic failed big time as FFS survivors caught up in the news and warned parents who were likely to enroll their child for treatment or better education. A big thanks' to the survivor group "The Family School Truth" for getting the word out and sharing their stories. They've also included the investigations by the state of New York plus the suicide that took place back in 2004. Let's make sure the staff from this place never re-open it in another state.