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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Education Consultant Licensing and IECA Quality Control

A recent article shows that it IS possible to educate troubled teens outside of "therapeutic" schools. In my view it shows the need for quality control regarding the education consultants that send kids to these programs. Here is the audio podcast of the story to better education you on the steps you can take when your child reaches the breaking point.

Friday, August 28, 2015

TeenRescue's Pamphlet of Lies Shows Effective Industry Lobbying

Here they go again. With all the failed attempts to bring regulation and oversight for these therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness programs comes with bogus ideological arguments. It seems the biggest lobbying group for these abusive facilities aside from NATSAP are the faith-based programs. This one in particular comes from TeenRescue Inc. who owns a collection of very abusive religious schools including Julian Youth Academy.  Religious programs on this bandwagon are best at getting citizen support as it grabs the attention of the Evangelical populations who don't realize it's propaganda to protect their shady and abusive business practices that are dangerous to children.

Does that sound Christian to you?
That's because it isn't. If your still not convinced, read about the lessons from the Stanford Prison Experiment.

To the left is a pamphlet from Teen Rescue Inc.  to convince parents with children enrolled  to oppose the life saving bill. You can see how biased they are. I'm here to tell you "DONT BUY IT!" because your adding to the problem that plagues the troubled teen industry.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Exposing More Expensive Prisons! (Innercept and Judge Rotenberg Center)

I have started with a new page that will fully expose some of the most lucrative abusive facilities that are the poster child for corruption in their state. Some of which I have experienced myself. This will expose the worst of the worst from my list of Targeted Facilities.

To the Program Owners and Politicians invested:
Watch out you greedy supporters of eugenics because no amount of Cease and Desist Letters and Death Threats is going to shut me up. You're not gonna stop us. The two I have right now are Innercept and the Judge Rotenberg Center. Anyone must stay clear of these places because their true colors have been fully EXPOSED!

You can see a much longer list on Heal-Online's Program Watch List.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rep. Schiff to Push Reform Bill for Troubled Teen Programs

It seems that more honest warriors are on board to continue the many failed attempts that now-retired representative George Miller proposed in legislation. By the looks of it, this bill seems to be new and improved on federal regulations and licensing. California congressman Adam Schiff is supporting another bill to reform adolescent rehabilitation programs.

Here is what the bill will include:
  •  Providing youth with essential food, water, medical care, rest, and shelter.
  • Food, water, medicine, rest, and shelter should not be withheld as a punishment.
  • Therapeutic practices must be evidence-based and peer-reviewed to be effective with specific mental disorders (no aversives, negative reinforcement, or brainwashing ).
  • Will require therapist, teachers, and education consultants to be licensed in their appropriate profession (ed consultants/teachers should specialize in education, therapist in therapy, etc.). 
  • Education Consulting will be regulated to make sure they don't get referrals from unlicensed therapeutic placements.
  • There will be clear licensing of therapeutic facilities.
  • Therapeutic options need to provide the child access to the family and community.
  • They should not force a minimum length of stay, parents should be allowed to remove children at will.
  • Facilities shall not engage in false and deceptive marketing practices (like WWASPS facilities looking like a resort, or Diamond Ranch Academy claiming to have athletics like a traditional high school)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Aljazeera America on Therapeutic Boarding Schools (40th Post!)

It looks like Diamond Ranch Academy is back in the news again. Aljazeera has posted a news archive on the abusive troubled teen industry, particularly in Utah. It's one of the facilities they talk about as DRA's lawyers continue to deny the allegations of abuse and fraudulent practices. This includes the threats of lawsuits to parties exposing the truth based on the stories of former students such as what they give out on DRA Survivors website.

It's that same scare tactic that took down a show on LA Talk Radio called "Bipolar Nation". Bipolar Nation Radio also exposed the corrupt mental health care and special education system that helps feed facilities like DRA. You can still listen to archives on Podbean.
I was scheduled to be interviewed on Bipolar Nation Radio in August of last year. Unfortunately after they were threatened by a lawsuit by DRA's lawyers, LA Talk Radio pulled the plug on the show. After their last podcast, the hosts of the show decided to go on hiatus. They said they were to eventually return as an independent broadcast. However it turns out that their Facebook fan page has been taken down, making me loose hope that they'll ever bring back the show. In the mean time, I have decided to look for other independent radio podcast with a similar format to Bipolar Nation to share my story that I have once shared on this blog. These are important issues that are never given media attention and no one will be willing to talk about. There needs someone to stand up with a voice, otherwise it will never stop.