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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Story Behind Escaping Residential Facility Scam in 3 Months!

This is Goddess_of_Justice here to tell you about my time caught up in residential treatment scams and how I evaded more places where I could have ended up for the remainder of High School. If it wasn't for me realizing that it was a trap to milk my parents money, I would not have found the true preparatory boarding school that I settled on and graduated from (which I am grateful for). My parents at first thought this WAS the real deal like I did, until they got me back and were trying very hard not to make a mistake like that again.

So here is my story...
I had just turned 17 in the spring semester of my second year of High School (I was a late-starter) I was fed up with little improvement with my goals in my public high school. I was rejected from so many extra-curriculars that I loved and my grades began to slip as a result, I felt like a failure. I was not able to do and explore at my old high school. To top it all off, I had learning disorders that they never took seriously. So I wanted to go to a smaller private high school where I could do all those things I loved and thrive. This would get me off to a great start for college. I informed my parents about this and they said they would contact some education consultants to see what they can find. They were given brochures and looked up on some of the websites and found out that these prep schools had a no-cut policy in sports and fine arts and they offered great support in learning differences and ADHD. However the majority of them were "emotional growth" boarding schools a.k.a. residential treatment centers. I had no idea what they really were.

Me and my parents talked with the education consultants referred to by my high school. They worked at a program called Academic Answers and the two main consultants said that I was so screwed up that I needed a therapeutic school and no other place in my hometown or state would take me. I later found out that these people I talked to at AA are a part of an organization called the Independent Education Consultants Association or IECA. IECA is a fraud agency where ed consultants are bought off by these RTC's and therapeutic schools to sell out so these facilities can make even more money. Two of the main staff at Academic Answers are associated with Aspen Education Group and IECA.
I was so desperate to leave my old school that my parents sent me to one of the programs that AA offered called Innercept in Idaho. My parents flew with me to Spokane, I thought it was going to be a boarding school or summer camp that would prepare me to get into a great boarding school. My parents realized that it was all a lie only a week at the facility. Innercept was a completely sheltered brainwashing camp filled with a bunch of cold-hearted, unprofessional staff while living under the same roof with lunatic kids. I can clearly tell why, because they were living like this for months, possibly years.The troubles I had before were not as bad before I came to Innercept but I was after a week, I became extremely agitated and thought about killing myself. I was sent to a brief visit at the hospital in acute care and go under a mental health evaluation until my dad came to pick me up. When he did he began saying he was sorry and it didn't turn out for me. Yet Innercepts true colors were not revealed yet. He drove me from Cour'd Alane across the state of Washington along I-90 to Seattle (I have family there).

 The next day we flew back to Texas and soon realized that I was not going home, but to another residential facility nearby in San Marcos so that I could be fit to go to a real boarding school. I was told that according to AA, it was the ONLY school in the state that would take kdis like me. RTC's in Texas avoid licensing if they fall under corporate charter schools. What I was in for was another three months of hell as it was just like Innercept except it was not as isolated and it was close to home. I could say the experience was far worse as the staff were trying to break me and label me as something I wasn't. The unit I was in was filled with girls who didn't need to be there, their issues were mild enough to be treated at home. We were not allowed to look at or interact with male residents, we were not allowed to form friendships, moving freely around the property was out of the question. We had to move to and from buildings on the property in an "elementary school-styled single file line" it was degrading. I nearly died during a restraint after an incident involving a staff-controlled monitored phone call. I was unconscious during the restraint due to lake of oxygen, I woke up in the same place meaning the staff did NO CPR and just gave me an injection of Haldol (anti-psychotic/seizure medication). It was a miracle I came out of this! I witness staff tackle and beat up residents for petty things as running away or refusing to follow directions. If they were physical, it was usually done out self-defense or staff provoking them until they snapped. My release got delayed twice (due to dropping in the level system) to where I left in mid-July. After I left, I spent a lot of my summer vacation to search for more boarding schools to go to for my junior and senior year of high school. I had to go on campus tours to make sure these schools were not mistakes like Innercept was. One of the schools I toured was a fake, I just knew by the looks of it. It was located in the worst states for boarding schools, Utah. Utah has the worst record of therapeutic boarding schools in regards to false marketing, abuse, and death. Then I finally found a real boarding school in Tennessee, it was a real deal. In the end, that was the school I ended up going to.

After I graduated from high school a few years later, I eventually found out that there WERE other private schools in Texas willing to take kids like me. What makes me even more angry is there was a REAL boarding school in San Marcos that is more like the one I attended in Tennessee. All that is really needed is the addition of being emotionally stable which can easily be done at home with proper community based services. Sending them away from home in an isolated, abusive facility lacking evidence-based therapy would make them even worse prepared for admission as psychiatric problems become worse. I say keep trying community services until you find the right one, not all are the same. However they would be more expensive due to insurance not covering it even after the Affordable Care Act.

If it weren't for the outsourcing, I would have been caught up in this mess until I became of age. I would have been forced to take a GED due to the lack of education offered in residential treatment centers falsely marketed as boarding schools. I probably would have gotten a late start for college or not even go to college at all. This happened to a lot of students who were unlucky not to get out of this scam, and as many of my followers know, some have even died and never got justice. This is the reason behind this website and what I do on this blog. Thank you for reading my story.


  1. Hello, and thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s been a very long road. Every day is a struggle from the emotional and psychological trauma that this place caused me. George Ullrich is a fucking criminal. We need to take this fucker down. One of their secretaries may call me and threaten me for writing this. I AM NOT AFRAID of you Ullrich or the vicious tactics you employ to hurt vulnerable children for your own gain. They have hired and paid a marketing and promoting team to set up a fake reviews site and write fraudulent and deceptive reviews pretending to be “parents” in order to entice them into falling prey to their sick scheme. NO NOT believe it, this is the real story. I have never been treated so badly nor have I ever seen others treated so badly, as I have at Innercept. This place is truly sick. It is reminiscent of the “kids for cash” scandal where a judge in pa was sentencing juveniles and directly profiting from the jails where he sentenced them. Kids are literally just a price tag to Ullrich. It is very very wrong that a monster like this is permitted to abuse the most vulnerable members of our society and exploit them, their family members and their situations for his own personal immense financial gain, enriching himself. The whole scheme is unethical in every regard. The system is designed for the most efficient maximization of exploitation of depressed, abused, troubled and otherwise youth that are struggling tremendously already.

    What they are doing is unethical on all grounds. There is a reason these criminals choose Idaho to set up this horrible place. Idaho, Utah and a handful of other states have almost no regulation regarding these types of camps, so that gives them free license to do whatever they want and commit unethical things. It is truly despicable what they are doing. In this way, State and Federal Jails are much safer places because they must conform to a large set of laws aimed at protecting inmates and guards.They are harping on the desperation of families dealing with teens that are severely depressed and often times, suicidal. The objective is to make a ton of money off of people in very vulnerable situations. It is sick. The place is run with a strict point system. If you express any opposition to the unethical treatment you are deal then you have low points and are in perpetual punishment.

    System of Abuse Targeting Depressed Teens Codified for Fiscal Profit by Ullrich: First your parents are hoping to lift you from a depression so they are encouraged by a psychologist to enroll you in a long term program you may benefit from. Next the psychologist recommends you contact an “Educational Consultant”. The Educational Consultant then recommends you to the Innercept Program. If the parents place a deposit down on the program, then the Education Consultation, receives a finder’s fee for the referral. Once you begin the program you are suspended from any communication with your parents, so you are not in a position to inform them about the abuse. At the same time, Ullrich and his team works on getting a teen’s or young adults rights stripped from them. A process which they are very successful at. They immediately get all of your rights taken away that way they can do anything they want to you, without repercussions and legal ramifications. Every Child who attends Innercept has run away at least a few times. This is another profit scheme. To wind the victim up until then can not tolerate the abuse any longer and run away. Once the child runs away, Ullrich pay a search and rescue team hundreds of dollars an hour to drive back and forth on the highway and they split the billable profit with them and Ullrich tacks on more hefty bills to the parents, as the child’s psychological state further deteriorates. They want you to fucking snap. They wind you up as much as they can so they can be like, “see you child definitely has problem, look at how he is behaving.” Even though the child is placed under immense psychological strain and abuse and is treated in a way that by most definitions would be considered torture.

  3. Please read about Innercept: