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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Kid Dies at Diamond Ranch Academy!

There has recently been a suicide at Diamond Ranch Academy. The kids name has not even been released nor did his parents disclose any information. This marks the second death at DRA after that of James Shirey in early 2009. A criminal lawsuit has yet to be taken place for both boys who have died.

This recent suicide is clear evidence that Diamond Ranch Academy is NOT the place it says it is. Survivors have stated several aligations of physical and psychological abuse and neglect. The boy likely felt betrayed as DRA's contract requires parents sign away 51% of their custudy to Diamond Ranch! The sickest thing they do is put up a fancy website with fraudulent information to encourage parents to unintentionally abandon their child and allow them to be abused, raped, and even killed!!!

Utah DHS has reported liscensing violations against the facility but has taken no actions. First action needed to be taken is a Cease and Desist order on their false advertising and illegal contracts!

To DHS and Hurricane Police Dept.: If DRA will not Cease and Desist, it's time to indicte these people running the facility.

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